Poem – Jesus Teaches the Woman at the Well

by Margaret Barnes (CBE-Sydney member)
Based on John 4:1-32

Jesus made a long journey,
And then feeling weary,
He sat down to rest;
Though He knew He was blessed,
In doing the Father’s will.

He needed a drink,
As He sat on the brink,
Of the cover on Jacob’s well;
Knowing full well that during this spell,
He would meet one thirstier still.

For a woman so soon,
In the heat of the noon,
Had come all alone, with no-one to help her
Draw the deep water,
She wanted to carry that day.

Though He was on foreign ground,
Still the truth He would expound;
Teaching her so very well,
That to others she could tell,
Of the thirst-quenching water He gave.

The living water lay deep below,
And He took some time to gently show,
That worship was not a specific place.
When she changed the topic to one of race.
So He taught her further at a faster pace.

This led to the subject of the Messiah,
And she started thinking higher.
As Jesus stated He was the One,
In joy to the villagers she did run,
Leaving her pot in the blazing sun.

“He told me all I have ever done;
Please come and hear God’s Holy Son.
For now we can invite Him here;
There are no barriers when He is near.
He quenched my thirst with His words so clear.”

Jesus spent some time with them,
Giving the teaching once again,
That had transformed a woman’s life,
As she listened and learned,
With a heart alight.

© Margaret Barnes 2012

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