God’s very good design – a trip through time

In the image of God
Man and woman
Abundant life forever
Serving together
Side by side
God’s very good design.

God said “Let them rule”
Over the creatures and the land
Multiply, fill the earth
Establish a people
According to His plan.

In the Garden of Eden
They lived in God’s presence
He ‘walked’ with them
In the cool of the day
Perfect unity
Perfect way.

But the tempter had his say
And taking the bait
Eve ate
Adam did the same
(Though she was blamed).

Exiled from God’s presence
But not from His heart
For God had a plan
Since before time began.

Promises in covenants sealed
Redemption’s way revealed
A people of faith
A holy nation
Worshipping God alone
His sovereignty known

A heritage of leaders and teachers
Abraham, Moses, Deborah,
Huldah, David and Esther
Just to name a few
Carrying the torch
To each generation new

Journey of the faithful
Promised land in view
Prophecies of triumph
God’s kingdom breaks through.

In Jesus the Christ
A new day dawned
From a virgin born
Son of God took on flesh
Word of God made manifest

God’s justice, love and mercy
Poured out upon the cross
Jesus paid and paved the way
To do what we could not

Faithful to His Word
To create a people for His own
The risen Jesus calls us
To come before His throne.

Accepted through faith
His Spirit dwells in us
Temples of Almighty God
Vessels of His love.

Carrying His Presence
Arks of the New Covenant of Christ
Proclaiming newness of life
To all who believe
God’s righteousness receive.

Members of Christ’s Body
Given gifts to use
Not according to social standing
Gender or race
But as the Spirit wills
Love empowering
Full of grace

Let us then
As in Eden
Serve together
Side by side
A royal priesthood of believers
Holy Sanctified
God’s very good design.

By Jeanette Fogarty, 2017

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