CBE Australian Conference 2017

April 28–30, 2017

CBE in Australia will be hosting a national conference next year in Melbourne, with a great lineup of speakers and a variety of workshop options. So save the date!


CBE national conference bookmarkDr Mimi Haddad
President of CBE International

Why would a good Lebanese girl devote her life to promoting biblical gender equality? My personal and professional journey as a Christian feminist 

A Theology of Abolition: How we read Scripture has a global impact on girls and women 

What language Shall I use? Reexamining Feminine Metaphors for God and inclusive Language for People  

Rev Dr Kevin Giles
Anglican Minister, Scholar, and Author

Was Paul a Misogynist?

The Trinity without Tiers

Rev Patti Ricotta
President of Life Together International 

Patti Ricotta will speak on her work to eradicate female genital mutilation in Africa.


A choice of workshops will be offered on both theological and practical topics. Presenters include Karina Kreminski and Margaret Mowczko.

The full conference program can be viewed here.

Biographies of the speakers and presenters can be viewed here.

Registration options can be viewed here.

The super early bird special of $150 for the full conference ends on the 28th of December.

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